Staff and Governors

School Staff

Head Teacher – Mrs H Otley

Deputy Head – Mrs V D’Silva


Miss R Byrnes

Miss L Pearson

Miss D Lowe

Mrs V D’Silva

Mrs Hudson

Miss A Dales

Miss R Harris

Miss E Ogle

Miss C Gaunt -SENCO

Miss Jewkes

Mr G Foster

EYFS Practitioner

Mrs Barnes

Learning Mentor 

Ms King

Teaching Assistants  –

Mrs Haji-Djafari

Mrs Hartshorn

Mrs Mawby

Mrs Eichenberger

Mrs Mellor

Mrs Saxon

Mrs Neal

Mrs McNulty

Mrs Penn

Miss S Eaton

Ms Jardine

Miss Scarlett


School Business Manager – Mrs Dodson

School Admin/Senco Support –  Mrs Osborne


Premises Manager – Mr Goodison


Ms G Dixon

Mrs L Stell

Mrs H Pagdin

Mr P  Goodison

Miss L Holt

Miss C Wainwright


About the Governing Board

The governing board has a general responsibility to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement.  This means that the school is run effectively and efficiently and key members of staff are held responsible for the work undertaken in school.  The governors are key people in ensuring that the strategic direction of the school meets the needs of the school community, challenging and supporting the school by acting as a critical friend and holding the school to account for the quality of education it provides.

Chair of Governors – Rev M Neal – Safeguarding (related to a member of school staff)

Vice Chair of GovernorsMr P Mulrooney – Co-opted

Chair of Personnel and Curriculum – Rev M Neal –

Personnel & Curriculum Committee Members

Mrs H Otley – Headteacher

Ms Bostwick – Co-opted

Mrs H Thornton – LA

Ms Baker – Parent

Mrs Jones – Co-opted

Chair of Finance CommitteeMr P Mulrooney

Finance Committee Members

Mrs H Otley – Headteacher

Mr H Goodliffe – Co-opted – Pupil Premium and SEN

Mrs Prew – Parent

Mrs D’Silva – Staff

Mr A Skiffington – Co-opted

Standards Committee Members

Mr P Mulrooney

Rev M Neal

Subject Leadership Team – Mrs H Otley, Mrs V D’Silva,  Miss R Byrnes, Miss Dales.

How to contact the Governing Board

You can contact the Governing Board through the school office.  You can leave a message with either Julie Dodson -school business manager or Angela Osborne – school administrator or write to

Chair of Governor

c/o Keresforth Primary School

Keresforth Road



S75 3NU

Governor Register of Business Interest

Name of Governor Date form signed Name of organisation Nature of Interest
 M Neal  Nov 17  Nil  Nil
 P Mulrooney  Nov 17  Nil  Nil
 H Otley  Nov 17  Nil  Nil
 W Prew  Nov 17  Nil  Nil
H Goodliffe  Nov 17 Nil Nil
 H Thornton  Nov 17  Nil  Nil
 J Jones  Nov 17  Nil  Nil
V D’Silva  Nov 17 Nil Nil
S Baker  Nov 17 Nil Nil
 R Bostwick  Nov 17 Higher Education Institution

 Teacher Training Unit

Multi Academy Trust Development

A Skiffington  Nov 17


Leisure Industry

Primary School

Conflict of interest in all


KERESFORTH PRIMARY – Serving governors

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