Nursery Giraffe

Teacher/SENCo – Miss Gaunt

Early Years Practitioner – Mrs Barnes

Teaching Assistant – Mrs McNulty

Information for parents and carers

 Class library: Children are able to borrow a library book from nursery to take in their own named book bag. We invite you to come in to look and choose a book with your child. You are welcome to borrow any book from the book area but we do ask that you only borrow one book at a time. Please write the title of the book on your child’s library card, the date it is taken and tick when it is returned.

Sharing achievements: In nursery we like to celebrate the achievements of children but are often unaware of things that they are achieving out of school. We have set up a ‘proud’ board to enable the children to share their successes and achievements. If there is anything that your child has done that you are particularly proud of or anything that you would like to share, we would like you to record it and bring it in. We will send 5 blank notes home each half term to record the ‘proud’ moments but please ask if you need more. It is important that we have parent voice as well as the child’s voice in their learning journeys.

If your child is ill we may need to contact family urgently, so please ensure that school has up to date contact information at all times.

We need to work closely together and share information in order to achieve the best for your child.  Please keep us up to date with your news and ask if you need to know more from us.  We communicate all the varied and exciting things that happen in our school by wall posters and by letters/notes sent home.

Our topic this half term is ‘Mini-beasts’.

Communication, Language and Literacy The children will develop and extend their vocabulary as we learn about mini-beasts. They will be looking at non-fiction texts as well as listening to stories about animals ranging from butterflies and caterpillars to worms and slugs. As part of phase 1 phonics the children going to school we will be continuing to focus on rhyming and alliteration and thinking a lot about the initial sounds in words. Those staying in nursery will be tuning into environmental and instrumental sounds. We will be continuing to have a focus on the children’s understanding of text having meaning. They will be encouraged to recognise environmental print as well as give meaning to marks that they make when they are drawing/painting. At home – Practise rhyming words. Talk about initial sounds in words e.g. b for bus, banana, bear. Ask why & how questions. Talk about stories. Talk about the print that you see in the environment e.g. signs & labels. Discuss marks that they have made. Have discussions at home about the things that you have seen on Early Essence.
Mathematical Development We will be singing number songs, using our fingers correctly to represent numbers and doing lots of rote counting and 1:1 counting. The children will doing maths activities linked to their age and stage of development. These will include; recognising numerals and matching them to amounts, counting objects 1:1, adding and subtracting, writing numbers, estimating and sorting objects based on properties. We will also be making pictures using shapes & talking about their properties.
At home Practise counting, saying a total and showing an amount on fingers. Practise recognising numerals in the environment and writing them if they show an interest. Practise counting objects carefully, counting out amounts and comparing amounts, adding them together and taking things away.
Personal, Social, Emotional Development The children will be encouraged to develop independence, selecting and using their own resources and tidying up after themselves.  During circle time we will discuss our experiences at home, our feelings about moving onto school, special men in our lives (linked to father’s day) & what is good about each other. At home Encourage children to select and tidy away their own toys… “Choose it, use it & put it away.” Support children in making the right choice in terms of following boundaries and routines- consistency is key.   
Understanding the World We will be finding out about different mini-beasts, looking for them in the school grounds and looking at them in detail using technology such as microscopes to help us. We will be learning how to care for them and talking about our experiences of mini-beasts. We will be learning about micro-habitats, life cycles and what mini-beasts do for us.
The children will be encouraged to talk about their own experiences of the things will be focussing on each week. At home Encourage children to talk about their experiences of our weekly topics. Ensure children put bugs back where they find them. Take home Benjamin, our celebration bear, for any special events.
Physical Development The children will develop their awareness of ways to keep healthy through food choices, hygiene and exercise. They will be encouraged to develop their self-help skills- dressing, using the toilet & washing hands independently. We will be doing weekly ‘dough disco’ & ‘Squiggle whilst you Wiggle’ sessions to improve small and large motor control. We also have a ‘funky fingers’ area where we will have a range of different fine motor activities to strengthen pencil grip. We will be continuing to practice name writing and letter formation on a morning. Those children who started after Easter can now start signing in using their own name writing book if they wish. This half term also sees our annual sports day so we will be doing lots of practising for that.
At home Help children to practice writing their names and other letters (over writing to start with). Get them to put on and take of their own clothes, zip up coats etc. Teach them to put on hats in hot weather.
Expressive Art & Design The children will use a variety of media (self-selected) to create their own collages/box models. We will also be making/painting various mini-beasts linked to our weekly focus. The children will be engaging in role play areas of their choice this half term and we will also be having a mini-beast lab reading corner for them to enjoy. At home Read stories to develop imagination. Discuss texture and colour.