Class Meerkat and Class Zebra

Teachers – Mrs D’Silva and Miss Ogle

Teaching Assistants – Ms Saxon

Apprentice level 3 – Miss Clamp

Linked governor – Ms Whitmey

Information for parents and carers


Reading and Writing


Your child will learn:
To write their own name (first and last name)
To write labels
To write captions and simple sentences
To use phonic knowledge to write words and simple sentences
To make posters
To write instructions
To link sounds to letters
To read simple sentences
To share a book with a group and read/discuss the text together.
To complete work linked to a book around our class themes.
Please help at home by reading regularly with your child- it is extremely important! You can also help by practising the sound books and words that are sent home and by working on letter formation.

Maths Your child will learn:
To recognise and write numbers to 20 and beyond
To estimate amounts
To add and subtract and record their number sentences
To solve problems including sharing, doubling and halving
To sort, count and compare groups by size/shape/colour etc.
To name and describe properties of 2D and 3D shapes
Handling data outdoors
To measure time and length

To solve problems involving combining groups of 2, 5 and 10

To understand symmetry

To create and describe patterns

Understanding the world We will be learning about minibeasts this half term where we will be looking at the different types of minibeasts that can be found. We will explore different habitats and research using technology and books. We will be looking at the effects humans have on the environment and what we can do to keep minibeasts safe in our school environment. We are also going to be looking after some caterpillars and observe the changes that occur.
Expressive Arts and Design The children will be encouraged to use a range of resources to make independent creations. We will be creating a range of different minibeast crafts in different ways and using different resources. We are also going to be building junk box models of minibeasts homes and try to make our own minibeasts hotel!
Personal and Social Development We will be working with the children on preparing for Year 1. We will be discussing how we will need to behave and concentrate for longer periods of time. We will be expecting children to begin to work more independently on given tasks.