Class Tyrannosaurus

Teachers – Miss Ogle

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Penn and Mrs McNulty

Linked governor – H Thornton

Information for parents and carers

This term in FS2 we will be working on settling the children into the routines of school and we will focus on:

Personal , Social and Emotional Development:

Learning to play cooperatively and take turns

Enabling the children to become confident enough to try new activities

Learning the routines and behaviour expected in school

English – reading and writing

Your child will learn:

To hear and say initial sound in words

To segment the sounds in simple words and blend them together (eg c-a-t for cat)

Link sounds to letters

To write own name

To share books with an adult

To listen to a range of stories and talk about events that happen in them

To write simple labels

At home please help us by reading regularly with your child and practising sounds and letter formation.


Your child will learn:

To recognise numbers 1 to 10

To count objects to 10

To form numbers

To use the language of more and fewer

To learn 2D shape names

At home please help us by practising counting and building it into your daily routine (count the stairs going up to bed, count out cutlery when setting the table etc)

Try to talk about shapes and numbers in the environment.

Understanding the world:

During this half term we will be studying the following topics:

Dinosaurs, me and my family, and autumn changes


The children will learn about a range of dinosaurs, including our class dinosaur, where they live, what they eat and  we will find out about fossils.

Me and My Family

The children will talk about themselves and their families. We will discuss how everyone is different and not all families are the same.


We will observe seasonal changes and learn about harvest.

Expressive Art and Design

The children will learn a range of songs and rhymes linked to their topics.

They will begin PE lessons and explore travelling in a range of different ways,

controlling their movements.

They will explore how a range of different materials can be used to create art work.

The children will experience a range of outdoor activities which will require them to work creatively and have fun!