Class Diplodocus

Teacher – Miss Lowe

Trainee Teacher  – Miss Jewkes

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Hartshorn

Linked governor – Rev M Neal

Information for parents and carers 



Explanation – How to make an animal skin tent – 2 weeks

Diary – A day in the life of Stone Age Boy – 2 weeks

Poetry – Winter – 1 week

Non-chronological report poster – Winter in different countries – 2 weeks


Number – Addition/subtraction/multiplication/division

Word problems – one and two step

Estimate answers by rounding and using inverse to check answers

Fractions – compare and order fractions

Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator

Count up and down in tenths and hundredths

Recognise equivalent fractions

Word problems involving fractions

Time – read, write and convert between analogue and digital clocks

I can tell and write the time from analogue and 24 hour clocks

Problems involving duration of time and converting between different units of time

Measures – length – use standard units to estimate, measure and record

draw rectangles and measure and calculate perimeter

find the area of rectilinear shapes by counting squares


Animals involving humans


human digestive system

human teeth

Geography Stone Age – Where did the Stone Age people live?

Britain – Stone Age – To describe events from the past using dates when things happened.

To use a timeline within a specific time in history to set out the order things may have happened.

To use their mathematical knowledge to work out how long ago events would have happened

To use their mathematical skills to round up time differences into centuries and decades.

To appreciate how items found belonging to the past are helping us to build up an accurate picture of how people lived in the past?

To use their ‘information finding’ skills in writing to help them write about historical information.

Through research to be able to identify similarities and differences between given periods in history.

To be able to explain how events from the past have helped shape our lives.



Why are these words special?

Why are some places special?

How can faith contribute to Community Cohesion?

Why are sometimes special?

What can be learnt from lives of significant people?

How do I and others feel about life and the universe?

P.E. Gymnastics  – Dance
Computer Science Coding
Music Clarinet – Singing
Art Colour –  colour mixing  –  techniques
PSHE Getting on and Falling out
Homework Spellings –  MyMaths  –  Reading