Class Diplodocus

Teacher – Miss Lowe

Trainee Teacher  – Miss Jewkes

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Hartshorn

Linked governor – Rev M Neal

Information for parents and carers 



Recount – Dinosaur day – 2 weeks

Non-chronological report – Diplodocuses – 2 weeks

Narrative – Stone Age Boy – 3 weeks

Harvest – 1 week


Place value – 3 – 6-digit numbers

Rounding and comparing numbers using < = > up to 1000

Doubling and halving 2-digit numbers and multiples of 10/100

Number pairs to total 100/1000

Multiply and divide numbers by 0, 1, 10 and 100

Find 1000 more or less that a given number

Mental strategies – addition/subtraction/multiplication/division

Multiply three numbers together

2D shape – compare and classify geometric shapes in different orientations




Rocks – Different types of rocks – Fossils – Soils

Polar Explorer – 1 week

Geography Dinosaurs – Where did dinosaurs live?

Dinosaurs – When did dinosaurs live?

Britain – Stone Age – To describe events from the past using dates when things happened.

To use a timeline within a specific time in history to set out the order things may have happened.

To use their mathematical knowledge to work out how long ago events would have happened

To use their mathematical skills to round up time differences into centuries and decades.

To appreciate how items found belonging to the past are helping us to build up an accurate picture of how people lived in the past?

To use their ‘information finding’ skills in writing to help them write about historical information.

Through research to be able to identify similarities and differences between given periods in history.

To be able to explain how events from the past have helped shape our lives.

R.E. Christianity – why are some places special?

Invasion games

Net/wall games

Tuesday morning

Friday afternoon



We built this city – creating 3D worlds
Music Clarinet   –   Singing
DT Moving dinosaurs
Art Sketching dinosaurs using different mediums
PSHE New beginnings
Homework Spellings – MyMaths – Reading



Swimming kits needed for Friday afternoon – Year 3